Draconis Extraction Technologies Patented CBD/ THC Extraction Process

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Draconis Extraction Technologies , Patented CBD/THC Processing System


At Draconis Extraction, we license our Patented Technology for the production of CBD /or THC broad spectrum oil. We believe your group has the vision to develop into a company that could supply to the food and beverage industry, with a high quality, broad spectrum CBD oil. 

To do this would require an Industrial scale, automated production facility.  Also, to gain competitive advantage over this market, would not only require the construction of a large processing unit but our Turn-key business model offers:

1.) Design, Build, Start Up and Facility Management

2.) Security Services, from Special Operations, Ex- Military Members.

We, at Draconis Extraction Technologies, can provide your company with the advantages of an extremely clean, de-waxed, winterized broad spectrum CBD oil, from a continuously fed, commercial size facility! 

Draconis can have a system operating within about 6 months of signing an agreement.

In light of this, the Draconis system is aimed at a facility that could do up to 100 ton per day of hemp biomass utilizing 25 ton per day processing lines.  This insures that the facility is always processing even if one line was down for cleaning, repair, etc. Each 25 ton per day line would produce approximately 2,270,000 grams per day or around $4,540,000.00 per day at $2.00/g.  One month of production would produce around $136,200,000.00 gross profit.


~Draconis Creed~

~ Progressus sum, Egregium, Ducis Visionaria ~

Proficiency, Honor, Visionary Leadership

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